Approachable Cryptography

Hi @all,

this is a blog aiming at making cryptography more approachable. All articles are written with a focus on readability.

Getting into cryptography can be quite frustrating. That’s because most state-of-the-art or bleeding-edge cryptography constructions seem fairly complex. Here we try to present those complex topics in an approachable manner, also for beginners. The only real prior knowledge needed to understand the article is high school mathematics. Beeing familiar with polynomials, some algebra and working modulo a number is enough to get started. In case you need a math refresher, you can learn everything you need to know in week2 of our online course


Look at this nice image:


This is actually a rotated elliptic curve, nameley Curve2503, with highlighted groups. Pretty damn pretty, huh? We also host an open online course for cryptography where we use this curve and other nice things. You can find the course at